Monday, December 7, 2009

Working on Rex Nebular

The Scummvm-misc listing welcomes the new work in progress Dark Seed 2 engine by DrMcCoy. It looks very promising.

I've returned to spending a lot of my time working on the disassembly of Rex Nebular, and implementing it's functionality into the M4 engine. It's likely going to be an extended process, because the game engine is unbelievably complex. It likely comes from the MADS engine being designed as a generic game engine rather than just for single games specifically.

For example, I only just last night disassembled some of the code associated with displaying messages. Any given message is represented by a unique 'Message Id', which in turn loads a message resource that can contain an entire series of control elements for formatting dialogs. A sample message resource for looking at the curtains in the starting room is as follows:

[title25][sentence].Wincing at the "Drapes Of Wrath", you swear
to use them to light the fire when
you burn your ex-decorator at the stake

I'm dreading how complicated the actual script interpreter is going to be. :P