Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving with a Ring.

"They said it would it would never be done. They were wrong." After a slight hiatus at the start of the year, work has finally finished on our next TsAGE game, Return to Ringworld. The only remaining work still in progress is a card game available on the in-game consoles, and is completely unrelated to the main story.

This is a direct sequel to the original Ringworld game.. after saving the puppeteer race from extermination and uncovering some powerful ancient technology on the first game, Quinn, Seeker of Vengeance and Miranda Rees find themselves searched for as fugitives by all three major species, so they plan to go to Ringworld to hide. But it turns that their ship has suffered problems. And fixing them and getting to Ringworld will only be the start of their problems..

The ScummVM Team is proud to announce that Return to Ringworld is now playable in ScummVM using the latest daily builds, and ready for testing. As usual, all bugs should be reported to our bug tracker following our bug submission guidelines. While you play through the game, we would also love it if you could take some screenshots for us.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Return to Ringworld code play-through complete

A great milestone has been reached with support of the Return to Ringworld game by the TsAGE engine. As of today, I've completed my first code play-through of the entire game! That is, my style of implementing games is to implement game scenes in the same order as the game is played. And although the savegame format has changed many times over the course of implementing the game, I've had a continuous savegame sequence for an entire play-through of the game.

The game is likely now completable, although given the number of changes that have been over time, it'll need further testing to ensure that the game has no newly introduced blocking bugs.

So what's the plan next? My initial play-through concentrated more on ensuring the actions needed to complete the game were working. I had a tendency to ignore miscellaneous actions that could be done in a scene, not to mention certain graphic glitches that occurred in some scenes, as well as some special effects and character shading that the game introduced that I hadn't implemented.

So now I plan to start working my way through the game again, doing further cleanup of the scenes code, and concentrating on ensuring each scene is graphically correct. And I may even put in some more options to skip some of the more annoying mini-games as well. :)