Saturday, October 31, 2009

New SourceForge project - Scummvm-misc

It's been a busy month. As those of you who follow the mailing list will be aware, I finished work on an engine module called Gargoyle over a month ago, that allows the playing of Infocom z-code text adventure games. Unfortunately, the consensus was that it really didn't fit in with the ScummVM theme of point and click adventure games. So I created a new project on SourceForge named Scummvm-misc to host the project. But I'd been so busy that I've only now had time to create a proper homepage for the project.

See Scummvm-misc for the project's new website. Rather than just create a project specifically for Gargoyle, I decided to keep the project name generic.. Gargoyle isn't the first non-point 'n click adventure engine, and there may be more in the future. ScummVM provides such a solid base for creating games that can run on multiple systems, I figured it would be good to keep track of other such engines.

The index page I've created also lists all the other publicly known ScummVM engines that are either in development or for which work has stalled. Anybody in the future who'd like to start work on any new engine, and wants the source to be publically available, is welcome to share SVN space on the project.

Finally, two screenshots from the later Infocom games, that used a combination of graphics and text:

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Dannii said...

Why'd you call it Gargoyle when there is already another IF interpreter called Gargoyle?