Sunday, October 7, 2012

Making progress in Hopkins

Well, the last few weeks have been very busy for me at work, and it looks like things will be getting even busier as we get towards the end of the year. Despite this, I've made rapid progress in converting over the disassembled source code. I've now reached a point where I've done an initial conversion/implementation of all the method relied on by the demo, with the exception of the sound routines, which I tend to leave to last, since large chunks can frequently be replaced by existing ScummVM playback code.

There is, however, a bunch of code left in the executable that isn't directly called. This is particularly noticeable due to the way I did the conversion - starting with the decompiled code, I converted the single main method, removing it from the decompiled source file,, then added it into the ScummVM project and created stubs for any sub-method that that method called. I then proceeded to gradually convert those stubbed methods, creating new stubs as necessary. That way, for each method I converted, I could ensure that the code correctly compiled before moving onto the next.

The result of this is that at the end of this process, I have a decompiled source file that still has a lot of code remaining in it, even ignoring all the sound methods that I haven't implemented. I haven't done any analysis of it yet, but I'm presuming that some of the code is related to the full game executable, and whatever compiler they used didn't actually remove it when the executable was required.

Since I've spent the last week cramming the conversion, I figure to leave the unused code alone for now, and return to working on running the code and fixing bugs in the result. I'll also start doing renaming of the data structures as I understand things better. I'm hoping that despite my haste in converting the methods over, I'll be be able to rapidly see some in-game results.

I'll try to make more frequent progress reports to make up for the previous absence of postings. :)

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