Sunday, December 19, 2010

tSage engine proceeding quickly

Hi all,

I've really been making some great strides forward with my implementation of the tSage engine. I offer the two screenshots below. One is from the first game scene when run in DOSBox, the other under ScummVM:

Hard to tell them apart, isn't it? :). The one on the left is from DOSBox, and the one on the right is ScummVM. All the initial hotspots in the first game room are now set up, are being drawn on the screen, and have correct look descriptions. The only exception is a minor graphic glitch with the doorway - the current drawing code doesn't yet support clipping objects based on priority calculations, so the top of the doorway isn't correctly clipped off.

One of the next major steps from here is to delve further into the movement classes and code. Whilst the player is now drawn on-screen, I don't yet have any code responsible for moving the player, such as when you manually walk somewhere, or when the computer moves the player to a set location, such as when you use the door beam.

From what little I've looked into the movement code so far, the game maintains a set of classes responsible for moving objects within the scene. For the player specifically, there's a lot of code that seems to make use of special 'walk regions', which indicate where on the screen the user can walk. The movement code is tied into this, and uses them to determine both where the player can move to, and for pathfinding to move the player to the given destination.

Given the pace I've been having recently in other areas of the engine, I don't anticipate that it will take too long. Hopefully, soon I'll be able to move the player about on the screen. Then I can start delving into implementing all the logic involved in the first cut-scene, where the Kzin comes to the door and speaks with the player. It's so much more fun working on an engine when you can almost day-by-day make visible progress in it's implementation.

PS: I've been making such rapid progress with tSage, I've been somewhat neglecting work on the MADS engine. I hope any fans of Rex Nebular will be patient with me.. I will get back to work on it eventually. :)

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